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Organizational Resilience Self-Assessment

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Measure Your Organizational Resiliency Against Critical Events

Organizational Resilience is the ability to identify, prepare for, and resolve critical events, which can vary widely in type and size – from routine disruptions to natural disasters and workplace violence. A drawn-out response can lead to significant operational losses, brand damage, and concerns for health and safety.

This Organizational Resiliency Maturity Model assessment helps security and business continuity leaders optimize their response strategies against these threats so they can quickly and effectively resolve critical events that threaten life safety and disrupt normal operations.

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How Does Your Organization Measure Up?

Take this survey and measure your organization's ability to respond to and resolve critical events by answering 20 questions about your current plans, processes, and procedures.

Get Your Personalized Report

Upon finishing the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed, personalized, unique report that shows your organizational resilience maturity scores benchmarked against industry averages of over 600 public and private organizations. We’ll also provide you with the next steps on how you can improve your company's organizational resilience in multiple categories.